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The family was willing.  The lighting seemed soft and easy.  The background looked rustic and different.  Everything said …take a picture… so I took some. Advertisements

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Another Charity Photo Shoot 69/365

Did my second charity photo shoot today.  The idea behind these was to get a bit more experience in portraiture and raise some money for charity by donating the profits.  I learned a lot from the first one, and learned even more … Continue reading

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Power Plant Of Forgotten South Norfolk 68/365

There is a road near my home that runs parallel to a body of water that makes up the waterways in this area.  On the other side of the water are several industrial buildings with round and tall cement structures, … Continue reading

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23/365 Where Were You?

Back in the late 70’s there was a song that aired mostly on New York radio stations titled “Where Were You When The Light’s Went Out”.  It had a very strong 70’s disco beat, and was written to memorialize the … Continue reading

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11/365 A Day Like Today

Some days just feel rough.  Not that anything terrible occurred.  I even accomplished a lot at work.  But some days I just feel rough, and just can’t put my finger on the reason why.  Could be I’m just getting a tiny … Continue reading

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