Today, August 1, is the start of my Photo365 project.  As I thought about this day, and the first pictures I’d post, several questions entered my mind.  Did I want to present the raw, unedited images straight from the camera?  Did I want to tweak color and contrast to better reflect my perception of what I saw that day.  Did I want to present an uncropped image, or try to frame them to be more ascetic.  I guess the answer centers on just what I’m trying to accomplish by taking a picture a day for a year.  There’s a few goals that I have in mind today.  Not only do I want to capture a day in my life, but if at all possible, I want to also see a transformation in how I capture each day.  When I look back at these pictures I’m hoping to see each weeks pictures captured a bit more creatively , or a bit more thoughtfully selected than the week before.  I know that’s a tall order, and possibly a bit pie in the skyish.  Ask me about this in a month and I might have abandoned that whole track, but today, that’s my outlook today.

One last thing that might be worth mentioning.  This is the first blog I’ve ever done.  There’s no doubt in my mind that some of the design choices I make may seem completely ridiculous to someone a bit more seasoned.  Feel free to drop me a line to educate me on the errs of my ways.  Just be gentle. ; -)


2 Responses to ShowTime

  1. eof737 says:

    Good luck with your effort…

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