About Me

Originally from New York city, I got my itch for photography from my father, who used me as a child model, on many occasions.  Being the youngest of three children, who were no longer interested in posing for pictures, the job fell solely on me.  My father kept his prints in dozens and dozens of shoe boxes, and I can remember spending hours upon hours going over each one.  They were mostly black and white, but there were a few color photos also.  I can remember seeing my mom as a very young woman, and my dad as a very young man.  I remember seeing family friends that would visit during the holidays, in those photos looking so much younger than they were then.

I think that’s when my love for photography started.  Not that I pursued it as a career or anything like that.  But having a camera, and taking pictures was for me, much like how cell phones are to people today.  It almost seemed like a necessity for me.

In spite of my love for photography, its only recently that I’ve seriously considered progressing beyond amateur knowledge and skill of a snapshot taker, and becoming what anyone would call a true photographer.

That’s the motivation behind this project.  To progress and get better, and at the same time, bring a few people along for the ride.

If you’re ever in identiverse, dent me @slurry


8 Responses to About Me

  1. lucasdavis says:

    Hey man thanks for subscribing to my blog Idiots On the Left!

    You ever need a break from photography and wanna read some news… my sites the best for that brother! Haha

    Nice blog. I too enjoy photography (just a fun hobby!). So I’ll definitely be readin your site. I have subscribed and bookmarked your blog!

    Lucas Davis

    • slurryer says:

      I am an absolute news junkie! There’s no doubt that I’ll be one of your regulars.
      When I start in August, I’m planning on putting up photos from other people, that were taken on the same day as my posts. If you take a shot here an there that you’d like to share, send it!
      Thanks for subscribing!

  2. eof737 says:

    Wishing you mega success on your upcoming photography project! 🙂

  3. serpentium says:

    Great to see your project. It’s personal, but it’s a challenge we all should take in a photographer life! Keep up

    • slurryer says:

      Thanks! It’s actually become even more personal after rediscovering my fathers old Minolta Autocord. It’s the camera I remember him taking all those pictures with. I just finished taking my first roll of 120 film with that camera. Feels like coming full circle…

  4. lolabees says:

    Looks like a great way to pursue your interests!

  5. Greg says:

    i find your blog very interesting. i have subscribed. after reading through it i almost feel like you’re a neighbor and i recognize you. you’re more than welcome to use any of my pictures in your blog anytime you like. look forward to your next entry just to see how your day went. i love your project, its such a neat idea.

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