More Autocord Lovin 80/365

If you were even remotely following this blog, you’ve probably wanted to abandon it over all this talk about the Autocord that once belonged to my father.  I’ll get back to some actual photography pretty soon, but for now I’m sort of in documentary mode.

One of the questions I had about my current obsession was could I get it to work with any of the strobes I currently own.  My first few attempts where met with failure.  But today I googled for “Flashes for Minolta Autocord” and I was greeted with a pleasant surprise.  In spite of my failed attempts, it was possible to attach a relatively modern flash to the Autocord.  Better still a Vivitar 283, which is one of the three strobes I own, was one of many flashes reported to work very well with the Autocord.  So why did my first attempt to get the Vivitar flash to work with the Autocord fail.  The answer was found in learning about a hot shoe mount vs a cold shoe mount.  A hot shoe mount is a flash mount on the camera that also triggers the flash.  A cold shoe mount is a dumb mount and only serves as a place to put the flash.  A cord running from the flash to the camera is required to trigger the flash.  The Autocord has a cold flash mount, which is a dumb mount and was incapable of triggering the flash.  Once I connected the cable (and cleaned out the connector a bit) the flash fired.  Among the plethora of accessories my father accumulated for this camera, there was an off camera flash mount.  Absolutely Awesome!  Adding some flash photography to the list for this first roll.

Autocord With Flash

Autocord With Flash

One last curiosity with this camera was the numbers around the bottom lens.  They are aligned under the levers for adjusting the aperture and shutter speed. The owners manual mentioned that once a meter reading was obtained and an EV value found, that number could be split between these aperture and shutter speed numbers to reach a proper exposure.  I don’t know how useful that is, but it’s pretty cool.

EV values

EV values

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2 Responses to More Autocord Lovin 80/365

  1. LAMYA says:

    Thanks for the love on my blog. Awesome camera =)

  2. artie says:

    what kind of cords connect a vivitar 283 to autocord and where does it plug in? thanks

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