A Treasure Under My Nose 74/365

While trying to absorb all things photography, I’ve looked into some of the limitations of 35mm film, and the advantages of medium format and large format cameras.  The main advantage is that the larger film size allows a greater degree of fidelity and detail in the image captured on the film.  I admit I’m obsessively compulsive about some things, so just the idea that I could get a sharper more accurate image than my 35mm Canon sent me on the path that lead to today’s discovery.  The hunt for a medium or large format camera was on.  I spent about a week pricing different models and immediately ruled large format out (maybe one day though).  But medium format might be doable. Now if you’ve read my About page, you know that my father was an avid photographer, and I was his primary subject from what I remember.  Many years after he passed away I took possession of the camera that he used to take probably thousands of photos.  At that time it was simply a relic, and has sat on a shelf in a closet for 10 years or so.  It was while looking at medium format film types that I spotted something that looked very familiar.  A roll of 120 film looked very similar to the role of exposed film that I found in my fathers camera bag.  If he used 120 film, that old camera must be a medium format camera!  I couldn’t wait to get home from work have a second look the old relic.  I was thrilled to learn that it was in fact a medium format camera. A Minolta Autocord! One of the earlier models, but it appears to be in working order.  Not the greatest medium format, but still very good from what I read.  The image above is the contents of my fathers old camera bag.  I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some 120 film, and taking it for a spin.  …and finally getting the roll of film in the image above developed.  Once again, I’m truly seeing something for the first time.  On my first look at that Minolta I only saw a useless relic.  Today I see a priceless treasure.

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One Response to A Treasure Under My Nose 74/365

  1. Rick Schuster says:

    “..truly seeing something for the first time.” I love it. I wonder how many other priceless treasures are sitting right under people’s noses. That should be a great camera. Have fun with it. I’ve enjoyed the slower pace of shooting a TLR, and really thinking about those precious twelve images you’re gonna get on a roll of film.

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