Another Charity Photo Shoot 69/365

Did my second charity photo shoot today.  The idea behind these was to get a bit more experience in portraiture and raise some money for charity by donating the profits.  I learned a lot from the first one, and learned even more from this one.

Shot 1

Shot 1



I went with a white background this time, instead of the brown marbled home made background I used last time.  What I learned from the last shoot is that if the color of your background doesn’t offer enough contrast with the subject, your images will lack punch.   I also learned not to trust any white balance setting on your camera, but instead do a custom white balance after your lighting is in position.  The flash white balance setting I used last time had a very warm color, which added to the browns in the backdrop, but in the end I felt it produced an unfavorable color cast that made post processing a bit difficult in some shots.  Setting a custom white balance definitely produced more accurate skin tones than the last shoot, and was partially the reason I choose a white background.  I’m fairly pleased at the end result.  The jpeg format doesn’t do a good job representing the white background, but the RAW file shows it very well.  The focus for the last two charity shoots was backgrounds and lighting.  The next one will focus on composition and people posing.

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2 Responses to Another Charity Photo Shoot 69/365

  1. thornberrie says:

    Nice job, they all look very well at ease 🙂

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