The Tower 62/365

I had a dream once that I approached the base of a water tower and found a door that had been mysteriously left ajar.  I put the palm of my hand against the door and slowly swung it open.  It was pitch black inside, with the exception of a small red light flashing in the distance.  Cautiously I walked beyond the threshold of the water tower door closing it behind me.  Groping in the dark I headed toward the light, which seemed much further away than I expected.  But after several minutes of walking through the dark, the flashing light was now just inches from me pulsing much faster now.  Sounds of dripping water somewhere in the distance and the fading echo of my footsteps on the metallic floor where the only sounds I could hear.   Reaching out and placing my palm over the flashing red light, I could now see the sign above being illuminated with every red flash.  Push…   Push… Push…  Slowly I applied pressure to what I now realized was a button, which mad a metallic chunk sound once it had reached it’s limit.  The once flashing light extinguished and several seconds passed in total darkness with the constant drip of water in the distance being the only sound.  Suddenly the silence was shattered by the loud CurChunk of some massive switch in the distance.  Followed by the low whirling sound of some gear being engaged.  Just barely noticeable, light bulbs above me starting to come to life.  Dimly at first but increasing in brightness.  The whirling sound decreased in volume and increased in pitch  until it was now a faint, but  high pitch whine.  Shielding my eyes from what was now a very brightly lit room, I struggled to make sense of my surroundings.  Slowly adjusting to the light in the room, I could just begin to make out shapes and forms in the distance.  Nothing that I would have expected to see in a water tower.  There were large monitors and tall consoles covered in buttons toggle switches and multicolored lights.  Looking down to where my hand was still resting I could now see that the red flashing button was attached to the arm of a chair which was in the center of the room.  That’s when the alarm clock woke me up.  Funny how you always wake up just before or just after some great thing happens in a dream.

From that day on, I always wondered what was on the other side of that door….

The Tower

The Tower

The Tower Door

The Tower Door

Command & Control

Command & Control

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