Robert Capa 61/365

Today I’m not posting one of my own, but one from a photographer that ranks as one of the best that lived.  Robert Capa is most know for his wartime photography.  What amazes me about many of his photos is that he seems totally unnerved by the danger around him.  While others are ducking and dodging or being hit by bullets and shrapnel, Capa is capturing it on film.  The image below is one of my favorites from Capa.  You can note the seriousness of the situation in the soldier in the center of the shot who appears terrified an is trying his best to become one with the wall.  Then the soldier to the right getting into position crouched down low to keep from catching a bullet in the melon.  Then there’s the soldier on the right trying to assess the whole picture, while Capa poking his head out of what appears to be a foxhole, captures it all.  I’m amazed every time I look at these photos at the courage captured on film as well as the courage it took to capture them.  Robert Capa was truly one of the many great photographers.

Robert Capa

Robert Capa

Robert Capa

Robert Capa

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One Response to Robert Capa 61/365

  1. ElizOF says:

    I love Capa’s photography… Great black and whites…

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