57/365 Elixir Of Forgotten Norfolk

Visited the massive abandoned factory in Norfolk today.  There were a few breaks in the clouds today, but not enough to get what I was looking for.  It was so overcast the first time I was here that I couldn’t really see which way the sunlight would be coming from in the morning.  Today I could tell, and the images I would like to capture won’t be possible in the morning.  I’ll need to get them in the evening.

While I was here I stumbled upon the elixir of the citizens here.

Elixir Of Forgotten Norfolk

Elixir Of Forgotten Norfolk

Forgotten, and  wanting to forget.  The Elixir of Forgotten Norfolk.

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2 Responses to 57/365 Elixir Of Forgotten Norfolk

  1. ElizOF says:

    That is a great shot… love the old bottle. 🙂

  2. ElizOF says:

    Finally catching up again… where did the time go? Phew! 🙂

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