55/365 Is There Room For Another

My constant frustration is the fact that I am interested in far more things than I think I have time for.  Recently I came across some calligraphy that I was fooling around with earlier this year.  It’s not particularly good, but maybe not too bad for an amateur.  Calligraphy is an art that I have loved for a long time.  Never getting quite as close to it as I would like, but tinkering from time to time in hopes that I can achieve a bit more skill, or use my current limited skill to some greater purpose than simply satisfying my own curiosity.   The thing with calligraphy is that it’s very time consuming.  But is there room for yet another hobby.  I have spent almost the entire day practicing calligraphy to the point where my fingers ache.  The sort of ache I had with the first guitar I picked up.  Sort of like the first few days learning Python, or Ruby, or C#.  My fingers ached then too.   Photography holds center stage, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.  When I first started, it too took a huge amount of time.  From learning the basics to learning a new camera (then a Konica Minolta D5?) to processing images.  A tiny bit more experience and a good workflow tool (Bibble5) have made the whole process  a lot more efficient, but I’m not sure there’s room for another time consuming hobby.

However the fact of the matter is,  it may already be too late.  The decision may have already been made, and I will simply have to carve out time from somewhere to satisfy another itch.  Bitter sweet.

Can a person be a jack of all trades and master of only one?

Never Ending Itch

Never Ending Itch

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6 Responses to 55/365 Is There Room For Another

  1. Sounds like you’re already hooked!

  2. thornberrie says:

    I used to practice calligraphy as a hobby for many years as well. Unfortunately I became a victim of a chronic form of arthritis and had to sack it as I could no longer hold the pens for any longer than a couple of minutes without lots of hurtyness and swearing.

    still on the upside it got me into photography 🙂

    • slurryer says:

      The greater upside is that you saw the upside. I’d love to see a few shots of some calligraphy you’ve done. If your calligraphy is anything like your photography, I’m in for a treat! If you’d be willing to post a few to your blog, I’d like to also include a few here.

  3. thornberrie says:

    Unfortunately one dark and stormy night filled with rage and cider I kind of did the self absorbed woe is me routine and ripped most of my finished pieces to shreds, I now obviously regret this, but HeyHo coming to terms with a disability can sometimes be harsh. Thankfully photography has filled the gap.
    I still have a drawer filled with inks and nibs just in case though.

    • slurryer says:

      Some good may come from your temporary lapse of sanity 😉 .I’m a bit more motivated to start collecting amateur to professional works for safe keeping. I’m convinced that you have more than made up for your loss through photography. Totally captivating images on your website. http://www.greenmanphotography.com/ . Please consider taking a shot of the inks and nibs and sending it to me. If I do start the calligraphy blog, I’d like to possibly use it as the banner image. I think that would make a great anchor for the blog.

  4. thornberrie says:

    Yes I reckon I can try a still life of the redundant pens and inks at some stage. Btw my website has been neglected as the hosts are upgrading it , as at the moment it is not very dynamic and on larger monitors will only show as a small site in the middle of the screen. They hope to have their new resources up and running in October and then I shall start using it properly and linking to my blog.
    Cheers 🙂

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