53/365 Surprise Surprised

I pass this way at least twice a day, 5 days a week.  It’s strange how you can see something every day, but still not see it.  I’ve waited at the traffic light exiting the grounds where I work, and must have looked over at these a hundred times this summer alone, but it feels like I never really saw them until today.  I guess the key is that I looked but never saw.  My eyes were pointed in that direction, but I never saw how pretty these were.  I guess whenever I pass this way my mind is either on getting to work, or getting home.  I guess I just never took the time to do more than look.  For some reason, today I saw this.  It’s nothing spectacular, but what surprised me was that passing this a hundred times, this was the first time I saw it.

How often do I look but don’t see?  What else am I missing?



Or maybe someone planted these last night! 😉

On another note, the add_border python script is working very well.  I added the ability to set the color of the border on the command line instead of forcing a white border.  I’ll probably also add the ability to change the text of the stamp.

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One Response to 53/365 Surprise Surprised

  1. ElizOF says:

    They are beautiful and colorful… It happens to all of us; looking but not seeing. 🙂
    Finally catching up again… where did the time go? Phew! 🙂

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