35/365 Bibble (no not Bible)

WARNING: If you’ve never needed to import hundreds of photos from an SD card into your computer in one batch, this post may not interest you much.  If you’ve never been asked the question “Do you remember that photo you took of me at aunt Bunnies Wedding last Autumn, when I was standing next to the fruit punch bowl. Do you still have that picture?!!!  Can I get a copy???”, then this post may not be of much benefit to you.  …and though I’v never been asked about a picture I took at aunt Bunnies wedding, I can foresee that day coming.

Shortly after I purchased the camera I currently own, I made another purchase that at the time I wasn’t sure was a smart move.  The purchase was for a software package called Bibble5.  The main purpose of Bibble is to catalog photo’s you have taken, and simplify the getting them ready for whatever you want to do with them.  It’s a photography workflow tool.  It helps plan out the work you need to do with your photos, and gives you the tools to get that work done.  Without going into the details, I believe it may have taken me 10x longer to process the photos I took this past Saturday, if I were trying to do everything myself.  Here’s a pic of Bibble running on my laptop.  You can also see some of the test shots I did prior to the start of the shoot.  If you zoom in. you might even be able to see my humble setup.  If you’re considering photography as anything more than a hobby, consider investing in some software that will help you keep track of the thousands of photos you will amass.  At some point you will be very glad you did.



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2 Responses to 35/365 Bibble (no not Bible)

  1. Sounds like a great program.
    As far as friends and family goes, I stopped looking for pictures years ago, I now send them to one of my viewing sites and they can find and buy the pictures themselfs,
    I’m no longer the middle man! I can’t tell you how much time that will save you.

  2. ElizOF says:

    Great to learn about something new and helpful. TY! 🙂

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