34/365 The Big Day

So it’s 11:48pm.  I’m bushed, and only have about 10 minutes to get this post out.  Let’s just say that the photo shoot went fairly well.  I learned a ton once again.  Made some mistakes, but also got a few things right.   I see a lot to improve upon in these.  I think my use of the equipment I have can be improved a lot.  More patience and a skill wouldn’t hurt either.  Better equipment could probably make it easier.

The last one is of a birthday party we attended that evening.

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4 Responses to 34/365 The Big Day

  1. Nice Work!
    Also would that happen to be the back drop that you created?

    • slurryer says:

      Thanks! …and yes that’s the backdrop I created the day before. Not sure it was the best choice for the subjects I was shooting, but I’m fairly happy with how the backdrop turned out. I was so worried about it drying before morning that I didn’t rinse it down. As a result all the salt from the dying process is still on the backdrop and probably showing up in the photos. I’ll need to rinse it before I use it again. …appreciate the feedback.

  2. ElizOF says:

    Truly lovely work… Their faces are glowing beautifully against the warm backdrop. 🙂

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