32/365 Work & Play

I regret being so selfish, but this post is all for me.  Well, I guess that could be said about every post, but this one is the slightest bit different.  This first post of my second month in this photo365 project is here strictly so that in a year or more, I can look back and smile a bit about an accomplishment that I am fairly happy about.  Although my employer hired me as a Business Analyst, I have also been able to enjoy a role as my departments own personal programmer.  Our company has a dedicated IT staff full of programmers and specialists in this thing or that thing.  But when my department has an IT need, they generally seek some amount of insight from me.  I don’t take that lightly, and consider myself blessed just to be able to satisfy that need, and to be able to serve in that capacity.  So the images below are not of some budding flower, or and abstract cup and saucer.  But of an application that I built, churning out data on my work PC.  Not glamorous I know, but one day when I have forgotten all about this accomplishment, I will look back at this image and smile all over again.  So again, I apologize for my selfishness, but this one is for  me.

Dual Monitor- The App

Dual Monitor- The App

The App

The App

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