27-30/365 Time Won’t Wait, And Life Is Unpredictable

Time stops for no man.  It’s a true statement. Time doesn’t care about how little or much you have planned.  It will march on blindly without the slightest concern about your schedule.  Time has no mercy.  When it comes, no one can stop it, and when it’s gone, no one can retrieve it.  As cruel or kind as time may be to you at any given moment, one attribute of time can’t be denied.  Time is very predictable.  A second is always a second.  An hour is always an hour.  Very dependable time is.  Life on the other hand does not share times predictability.  Although shackled to the flow of time, life refuses to be tamed into the same, humdrum predictability.  In fact life seems to enjoy fits of reckless unpredictability.  To make maters more precarious for us, life seems to choose the most inopportune moments in time to fly off in another fit of unpredictability.

I experienced, or rather witnessed a horrible insult to injury in this whole time life thing.  Where time, though always predictable, seemed to run out much too soon for some, and could not be retrieved by others.  While simultaneously life was enjoying one of it’s mad unpredictable fits.  The results were tragic.  Hurricane Irene was not the worst hurricane to ever hit the east cost, but it didn’t need to be the worst.  Time and life.  Life and time.  All we can ever do is pray for mercy and carry on smartly.

When I started this post, I thought to include some of the photos I had taken during this last few days.  I think I’ll save them for another post.

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One Response to 27-30/365 Time Won’t Wait, And Life Is Unpredictable

  1. eof737 says:

    Hope all are well on your end… Blessings! 🙂

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