23/365 Where Were You?

Back in the late 70’s there was a song that aired mostly on New York radio stations titled “Where Were You When The Light’s Went Out”.  It had a very strong 70’s disco beat, and was written to memorialize the New York City blackout of 1977. The blemish that made this particular blackout different than any other in New York’s history was rampant looting, violence and even arson that ensued as a result.  Hidden by physical darkness, moral darkness seemed unchecked and unashamed.  The event was so tragic that a song was written which asked the question that all New Yorkers asked themselves the next day.  “Where were you when the lights went out in New York City.”

Although I don’t believe anyone will write a song about it, there was a rare event that struck Virginia today that will provoke the same question asked in the song, tomorrow morning.  Centered in Mineral Virginia, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake lasting about a minute was felt as far away as Washington.  I work and live about 2 hours from the epicenter.  Where was I when the lights… I mean the earthquake struck.  I was at work on the second floor.  The first few grumbles were just barely perceptible.  It actually gave me a bit of vertigo because I could sense the motion, but really couldn’t feel anything.  But within about 15 seconds or so, my co-workers and I could feel a definite rocking back and forward of the building.  I am generally a fairly laid back sort of person most of the time.  Not easily shaken (no pun intended).  I must admit that I was more than a bit nervous, feeling as solid a structure as a building sway back and forward.  I calmly told my co-workers that we need to get out of the building, not fully knowing what was happening.  I didn’t wait to see if they heeded my direction.  I grabbed my camera and headed out of the building into the parking lot.  The one thought that remained in my mind was yesterdays post.  Have a look and you’ll know what I mean.  Thankfully there are no photos of “After it was broken” here.  Only confused concerned co-workers waiting to see what was next, and hoping for the best.

Calmly Exit The Building

Calmly Exit The Building

What's Next

What's Next

In spite of the drama, I’ve had my eye on this tree for a while.  I wanted to capture that too, before the earth opened up and I’d never see it again.

Get it before its too late

Get it before its too late

I checked on the way home, and the earth hadn’t opened up yet.  Not that it couldn’t.  One day it will.

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2 Responses to 23/365 Where Were You?

  1. ElizOF says:

    Never heard the song but appreciate the photos… and I”m glad no one was maimed. 🙂

    • slurryer says:

      Me to! Still is a bit spooky to me that the previous post was “Before It Was Broken” and featured a torn down building. This post could have easily been “After It Was Broken”. Thankfully it wasn’t.

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