14/365 Rain On My Mind

All that rain yesterday made me think of the shot’s I wanted to get, but never got around to it.  I love to see how the droplets hit the ground and splash up.  I thought I’d try something like that.

Raindrops One

Raindrops One

Raindrops Two

Raindrops Two

Raindrops Three

Raindrops Three

Raindrops Four

Raindrops Four



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2 Responses to 14/365 Rain On My Mind

  1. Linda says:

    Nice touch having the fork in the field for scale. Great DOF.

    • slurryer says:

      Thanks Linda! I learned a lot getting these captures. Funny you mention the fork. The shot I had in mind is very different from what you see here. But when I couldn’t pull off my original idea, I followed some advice I once heard to always explore every possibility before giving up on a capture. This was the result of an initial failure. Thanks again for the feedback.

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