12/365 City Walk

Yesterdays post was a bit melancholy for my taste.  I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted, and decided to pose for the image myself.  But every time I look at that photo, I think “Man you really look like you’re in bad shape.”  I guess that’s what I was going for, but I cringe a bit every time I look at it.

Today, I promised to take my youngest daughter to the park.  I changed the plan a bit, and took her along as my assistant on a photo shoot through the city of Norfolk Virginia.  Her job was to stay on the lookout for the next photo, while I took the current one.  She did a good job.  I think I did pretty good too.  I definitely learned a few do’s and a few don’ts as well.

Top Do. Get in the habit of checking that your lens is clean periodically.  My daughter noticed a mole on her face in one of the photos I took.  Turned out it wasn’t a mole at all, but some speck of dirt that had made it onto my lens.  That mole found it’s way onto about 30 images I took.

Top Don’t.  Don’t try to crop every image to the perfect shot.  They’ll be time enough for cropping wing the shoot is done.  Plus you can’t uncrop an image once you get it home.  Choose to capture more of the image rather than less.  Do your cropping in post processing.

The Little Guitar Man

The Little Guitar Man

Architectural Exhaust

Architecturally Exhausted

If you look near the center of this image, you can see the mole growing on the window.  Check your lens periodically, or your shots will grow moles too.  I could have GIMPed this out, but kept it as a reminder for me, and a lesson to you all.

Rusty Fountains

Rusty Fountains

I don’t know when the last time this fountain was in use, but I can’t imagine it being more intriguing to the eye, than it is now.

Man On The Street

Man On The Street

I’ve been looking at a lot of street photography.  I may look back on this image one day and say “This was the image that started it all.” One never knows.

There is a transformation of sorts occurring with me in regards to photography.  I can sense a growing desire and the slightest ability to photograph not just what I’m looking at, but to capture what I see.  There is a huge difference between the two, and I am thrilled to see the transition.

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One Response to 12/365 City Walk

  1. eof737 says:

    Lots of nice touches… especially those pipes. 🙂

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