Chasing The Light – a book by Ibarionex Perello

The weekend, I listened to a photography podcast titled Tips From The Top Floor (tfttf for short).  The podcast is hosted by a gentleman named Chris Marquardt.  You can find the subscription link here  In this particular podcast, Chris did an interview with Ibarionex Perello, who is a street photographer, and discussed his book “Chasing The Light.”  The interview was very insightful, and answered a few of the questions that I have had as a novice photographer.  I was so impressed with the interview, that as soon as it was over, I hunted down the book, and read it in two days.  I can honestly say that it had a profound effect on how I view photography.  I think what made this book so intriguing to me is how it addresses issues and questions in photography that I have experienced personally.  It was not a set of hard and fast rules, but instead the book takes a sort of “just what are you trying to do with that camera” approach.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone just starting in photography.  But I think even the experienced photographer could benefit from this book.  If you do pick it up, let me know what you think.

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