I wanted to get these two shots out of the way.  It’s where I, and just about all of us spend way too much of our time.  That is unless you’re fortunate enough to have received an inheritance from you’re filthy rich uncle.  Or unfortunate enough to be sleeping on a park bench somewhere.

Where most of my conscious hours are spent

This is some artwork outside one of the buildings where I work.  It always struck me as odd to have a child in a wheelchair holding hands in a circle of people skipping and dancing.  But I get the sentiment.  I’d like to visit this again after sundown, to see this all light up.

Feels like where all my conscious & unconscious hours are spent.

Behind the wheel of a car is where it feels like I spend all my life.  All that time spent just getting to someplace so we can finally start doing something.  My expression says it all.  Two seconds after this shot my expression changed to complete horror as I realized that I was focusing way too hard on taking this picture, and not hard enough on the vehicle stopped at a red light in front of me.  Thankfully everything turned out fine.

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2 Responses to 1/365

  1. eof737 says:

    I like the sculpture of the children dancing in a circle… The child in the wheelchair is included and that’s a good thing… Good luck on your daily challenge and drive safely. 🙂

    • slurryer says:

      Thanks for the well wishes eof737. I like the sculpture also, and agree the child in the wheelchair is a good inclusion. Feel free to post an image of your own from time to time.

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